The What

The Vision Board in a Box Workshop is an interactive, out-of-the-box workshop, where we will play games, dream out loud, and of course... create a vision board! 

why it matters

Vision boards simplify decisions, align focus, and create the clarity needed to attract the fruitful resources, connections, and habits. If you struggle with focus or follow through, you may be aiming for greatness without a target. This simple exercise could help you outline that bullseye.

in the room

  • Sweets and Charcuterie
  • Wine and Mocktails/Cocktails
  • Crafting Supplies
  • Selfie Station

in the kit

  • 11"x14" foam core board
  • Clipart
  • Mixed Media/Scraps
  • Gratitude jar and slips
  • Glue and Scissors
  • Stickers
  • Sponsored Swag!!!



Sunday April, 23rd 2023 

2-5 pm



Malelani Café

6734 Germantown Ave

Philadelphia, PA 19119 

Meet Your Host

Hello friend, my name is Max aka the Fly Bohemian and I'm a single momfluencer, shifting from survival mode to soft girl season. 


I make content and host events that promote wellness, self-care, and living without limit, after 40.


This year, I decided to put the journey ahead of the goal, and be honest about what I want, and why. 


This Event was just an idea on my own board for 2023, and now it's a reality. 


This spring, discover the power of your own focus and build a board with me at this fun, interactive, workshop!



meet your host the fly bohemian

love yourself first

Assessing where you are is no good unless you can also, accept where you are. Every journey is different, and the best ones tend to have the most twists, turns, and inclines. Enjoy the scenery.

Vision Board in a Box Workshop art

think bigger b*tch

Most likely, what you want is too small because you can't see your way to more right now. Rely on your "why" to reveal the "how".

Eat an elephant

Massive tasks are doable when broken into tiny steps. Many times, just moving toward your goal is enough to attract the resources you will need to meet it.  Create a plan and take it one bite at a time!

Vision Board in a Box Workshop April 23, 2023
Harness the power of visualization and create the life of your dreams with a Vision Board! Have you ditched your NEW YEAR and your NEW YOU already? Still, wrestling around with bad habits or limiting beliefs? Let's be honest. It's hard to hit a target you can't see, but there's still time to create clarity and quit leaving your dreams to chance, in 2023. Vision Boards align focus and simplify decisions. A clear vision and defined “why” will attract the resources, connections, and habits you need to be your best you. At this interactive, out-of-the-box workshop, we will play games, dream out loud, make new friends, and of course... create a vision board! Location: Malelani Cafe,Mt Airy Philadelphia 6734 Germantown Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19119 Date: Sunday, April 23rd, 2023Time: 2-5 pm What: Vision Board in a Box Workshop which includes A customizable Vision Board Kit in a Box Sweets and Charcuterie Wine and Mocktails/Cocktails Crafting Supplies Selfie Station Come equipped with nothing but your wildest dreams, strongest intent, and highest vibrations to craft a vision worth living. THERE ARE ONLY 30 SPOTS AVAILABLE so register today and secure your spot! xoxo, the flybo